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Starting progress again  [2014.02.24]
Sorry for the big gap in what seemed to be us not caring. We had some major real-life issues that also had to do with money. But now we got up off our asses and started making HellsReapers again ...
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BETA CLOSED TILL THE 1st  [2013.10.27]
Beta will be closed til the 1st of the month when the server will be officially open! Thank you to everyone who participated in beta and to all who donated. If you would still like to donate for ...
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NEW TS3  [2013.10.22]
New ts3 hosted on a debian instance for a more stable connection! Change the address if you have connected before!
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We need your help!  [2013.10.08]
We are approaching our Beta phase! As exciting as this is we will require some assistance. Once we go Beta we need YOUR help to spread the word of the server! Nothing spreads quicker than word o...
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Change Server.ini in your client!  [2013.09.26]
We have a new website domain name and you need to change it in your server.ini to be able to connect! :)
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Beta Keys  [2013.09.25]
Beta keys are now required to make an account for our beta getting one requires being in a clan with our chosen clan leaders or knowing someone who knows someone who can hook you up. ;) But othe...
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